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After a quick check on #librehosters chat, here we gooooo …

This is a place similar to Introductions thread! where you can introduce yourself when you’re specifically looking for work within the network of librehosters and friends.

This is how I got my “foot in the door” with the cooperatives in the UK (over at and I hope some people might also find it useful if they’re looking.

That’s it!

PS. Meta point: maybe we need a ‘Jobs’ category for the forum?

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A Jobs category?

Not sure how this is going to work but here goes!

I’m a community college student in the Southern US trying to find a tech-related job that aligns with some of my values to help pay for attending a four-year university. I’ll be majoring in Computer Science and probably minoring somewhere in Music.

I would rather not work with Windows (I’ve never really used it anyway) and I’d also prefer not to work with proprietary software. Given that the chances of finding a job like that in this area are incredibly slim, I thought it couldn’t hurt to post here!

I’m the admin of NixNet and my application to join the LibreHosters was accepted recently. I have a strong commitment to FLOSS and Linux and am a very quick learner. The first service I ever hosted was Nextcloud with the NextCloudPi image - everything was preinstalled and configured and was supposed to run with no issues out of the box. I did experience many issues and had to have a friend assist me with them. That was about a year ago. At the beginning of last summer, I bought a domain, switched from Nextcloud to Seafile, and set up a blog with Hexo. It wasn’t until about November of last year that I really got interested in publicly hosting services. Since then, I’ve set up everything you see on; the website itself as well as all the applications listed there.

I’m not even sure exactly what kind of job I’m looking for. If I sound qualified for what you need, just send me a message somewhere! My contact information is on my website.



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