Future of pad.librehos.st

Since the last trouble of the VM, it is down.

A quick search on the forum shows that it was a bit used.

We have 4 main options:

  • keep it on the VM
  • move it to IndieHosters infra (We manage several hedgedoc already).
  • move it to another member infra
  • move content to different pad providers (or this forum… no opinion on my side there, the one doing the job can decide, the person would have to update the links in this forum also).

As maintenance lately has been on the low for the services, I would vote for the 4th option.
But this option needs a volunteer to do the moving.
I can commit to make it up again if there is a volunteer.

If nobody volunteer or comment, I’ll do the 2nd option, as it is the one that has the less mental charge for me.

Deadline is next meeting.

IMO the pads do not need to be kept since they are used as transient features for note taking and usually moved to the forum afterwards. As mentioned in our previous meeting, there are many instances of pads running here and there and there’s no shortage of them. Since we’re mostly using public pads I see no reason not to shutdown this service.

Agree with @how pads should not be the final destination (ideally :stuck_out_tongue: )

I vote for using one of the various instances of pad when we need to take notes

We can certainly start publishing our instances. This is a wiki

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