Online Meeting January 2022

Our next online meeting will be held on January 14, 2022 at 18:00 CET.

We still need to set up the agenda (this is a wiki), and determine the venue (last time we used Jitsi, with a bit of networking issues).


  • Review decisions on infrastructure
  • New members

Can we do mumble? I have low bandwidth. is available on the default port.

We’ll turn off the cam, or you can say low bandwidth in your config!

Jan Meeting

Copy of Jan Meeting - HedgeDoc


We’ll delete it.

  1. Bring it back up, get the backups, copy to the Discourse.
  2. Remove the pad service
  3. Point to Librehosters pads → Future of - #4 by how

Here are the pads:

Let’s organize a live session to do the boring cleaning together :slight_smile:

And then we delete!


We keep the Gitlab (on the VM) running at

Volunteers to maintain:

  • Pierre
  • Michel


We keep it like this until the K8s is ready on
Then we move it ot indiehosters.


  • hellekin
  • unteem


Upgrade the keycloak, fix the docs to federate, and keep it.

Let’s plan upgrade for end of January. @how wants to do it.


  • hellekin

Other news

Matrix rooms

Where to find all the Librehosters rooms (and community)?


March 5-6, 2022