Future of talk.libreho.st

It is currently running on the librehosters VM.

We need people to commit to maintain it.

I think we have 3 options:

  • we find 2 people to keep maintaining it on the VM
  • we move it to IndieHosters (we already host ~10 discourse)
  • we move it to another member

If nobody volunteer or comment, I’ll do the 2nd option, as it is the one that has the less mental charge for me.

Deadline is next meeting.

I’m fine with continuing the maintenance.

One argument in favor would be to be able to use it as an experimental setup for organization and plugins, which I’m not certain would be available with the IH solution—but if you say we could use different plugins as needed without burdening your deployment, I’m also very fine with going your way.

I’m also fine moving the Discourse to IH and doing experiments elsewhere—which I already do.

We will be a bit conservative with plugins for discourse.

We are interested in collaborating on this docker image libre.sh / docker / discourse · GitLab though and CI/CD will be configured. We could have an “experimental” branch for talk.libreho.st, I don’t know… I’m not sure… We’ll need to discuss about it and assess the risks. I wan to be extra cautious with this kind of stuff, even more now that it seems that discourse was exploited for remote code execution.

This could be discussed though. I don’t really see librehosters tools as an experimental place, at least I have not thought about it this way so far.

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We will continue deploying basic and customised Discourse instances straight from the launcher talking directly to docker.sock from the parts of Ecobytes Docker hosting that are not going to be migrated into any cloud environment. IMHO no need for a separate VM here.

Is this documented somewhere?

We’re just using Docker with

which runs flawlessly in parallel to our Docker Compose / libre.sh domains. It needs only a little tweaking in the container YAML to attach to the right load balancer network and to apply the correct configuration labels, but that’s about it.

Is it time to switch to your solution, @unteem?

I just had a look at the repo, the changes from now are:

  • following test-passed instead of stable
  • some plugins installed that we do not use here. We could discuss a list of what we would like to use for talk.lh. E.g., assign, cheklist, docs.
    • docker-manager plugin is not used, which means each upgrade must be made by rebuilding the docker-compose container, is that right?


yes, we finally managed to move the discourse to k8s in our infra.
And yes, we can move this one as well.

We use the prod or beta branches that are build here:

We try to update once a month, and we track CVEs, and update earlier if necessary.

The list of installed plugin is here:

If people are ok, we’ll do the moving in the coming months :slight_smile:

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