Incident processes

Continuing the discussion from Gathering to discuss values, governance, criteria and process:

Someone alerts to an issue, publicly or not.
Avoid “public tribunal”

Personal incident

Care team

  • specific people to contact for specific incidents, you can chose to contact on person of your choice
  • team needs to be selected by the community
  • clear procedures how the team should function
    • care team can propose to exclude a member
  • outcome reports (anonymised)

On the discourse a page explaining how to handle incidents + presenting the members of the care team
You choose which member(s) of the care team to contact directly to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Commitments broken incident

Situation: you have found an issue with the commitments to LH values by a member.

  • Try approaching the person/member of the network that appears to have broken a commitment
  • If no result: contact the LH “Contact team” (TODO: decide how do people get in and out the contact team)
  • Contact team will mediate
  • Leaving process is similar to the Joining process, via a merge requests on allowing similar time/appeal as the joining process.

Their conflict resolution policy look like an interesting document to study for our own processes, although I think it’s important that we keep things simple. I certainly don’t want people to drown under legalese and bureaucrazy. Actually I’d love to see some charter documents that can be reused by hosters so that they can simply tell people: we agree and abide by this document. and link to the original librehosters’ privacy policy, conflict resolution policy, etc. That would save a lot of reading to everyone.