Gathering to discuss values, governance, criteria and process

I would certainly be up for remote participation should it be an option. Being in the US (as well as a student), it’s fairly unlikely I’ll be able to make it to an event for quite some time :sweat_smile:

One of the items on the agenda is regular meeting arrangements, both online and offline. So this is definitely one of the things that will be discussed for the future. However this meeting is really aimed at hammering out the basics that we need to get more solid as the network starts to grow and gain more exposure and is deliberately not aimed at being a large group. So it will likely be mostly working on texts and charter type stuff and defining clear processes. We will try to be transparent and work on pads that we share here as we go… so its also always possible to feedback to the people who are there.

Also, the outcomes are just proposals - to be further discussed here before we agree that this is indeed the direction and process that we want for the network.

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Embedding the Agenda pad to facilitate discussion.

Goto this Pad


Thanks for organising it! The agenda looks solid.

I can’t make it unfortunately as I am in Antwerp for the week … I have a number of stuff to add but I’d rather leave priority to those who make it face to face for now. I know you’ll have to lot to cover so I just leave information on one point …

Regular meeting arrangements: Online

Simply a great idea. We have struggled with this in the world of Sorry to bore you all again with this other community but I find it quite relevant. We tried twice and and both have stopped or never happened. Elements of too much overhead for arranging infrastructure for video calls, lack of time, energy, concrete topics and diversity of members could have caused this … I’m not quite sure but it wasn’t working.

So, I would hope that if we do online meetings they will be on Matrix/IRC/whatever IM chat infrastructure we go with because it is simply low overhead and people can join and still be on the go. We might consider a meeting bot to make the meeting logs, minutes, notes, agreements and information for those that miss it (important!). I have a very nice experience with and can recommend. Some people should take responsibility for running these meetings, we could try have a shifting rota. Happy to make a start here if needed.

That’s it! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

EDIT: Added this note to the pad …


Definition of Values

I would be careful not to essentialize the values and keep them in a material-relational discourse to avoid turning them on their heads and starting a dogma.

Antwerp is only 45 minutes from Brussels. Please consider it :slight_smile:

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I think this can work well if we clearly define the criteria, requirements and process for librehosters. Then the values can be less essentialised.

I agree on having regular online meetings on IM infrastructure as it also allows for multitasking and not needing to find a quiet space to join the meeting (as would be needed in audio or video meetings. I’ll start a new thread for meetings and meeting arrangements discussion.

(Proposal for monthly online meetings)

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Hi @how @realitygaps @mattronix @gust and @decentral1se
pad said that we are going to be 6 at the gathering this week-end.
Welcome at atelier d’Émile for the work-meeting.
What time should we set the appointment for Saturday?

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Midday start perhaps?

ok, let us know when your train arrives, we others can adapt easily as everyone is already in Belgium

Were arriving this evening (and driving)

Can we be more specific please, does midday means 12u00 for lunch at atelier d’Emile?
Something else still needed?

Starting with lunch together sounds good. I’ll be there from on 11:30.

I did not organize a projector, thought as we are only a small group a monitor should do. But @gust if you happen to have a projector you could bring it.

Ok, I can bring a projector but low quality (1024x768 and only vga connector) so unless somebody can bring better quality, I will take it. I’m planning to bring a small speaker with mini-jack cable and some power splitters.
Is a crate of Club/Flora mate welcome or already there?

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only coffee and tea there, and actually some real mate :wink:

OK, aiming for 12 at the atelier, nice one!

Duh, I had forgotten about this. Checking the rest of the topics and joining you in a short while.

Goto this Pad

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Meeting Achievements

Seven people met in Brussels during the week-end and discussed Librehosters values, on-boarding/leaving processes, and self-reflection. This report concludes the meeting with a consensus from the people present. It forms a proposal to all the Librehosters. These texts are not final: this is an open invitation to further participation both online and at upcoming live meetings.

Gitlab Issue #7

@how says: I apologize for the aggressive tone I used to address the Feneas people in this issue. I realize that, as a founding member of the Librehosters network, my personal expression in this context reflects on the public perception of the whole Librehosters network, and this was detrimental to how people perceive the Librehosters network. This week-end’s work contributes to avoiding such situations in the future as it marks a step to enact our values and set boundaries to acceptable behavior.

Commitments, Policies and Processes

The main outcome of the meeting is the Commitments, Policies & Processes document that fleshes out the Librehosters values and introduces proposals to be debated with the members.

We encourage all members to read and discuss this text so it can be adopted by the next meeting. This CPP document is addressed to organisational members of the network.

Code of Conduct

Beyond the CPP document, we feel that a code of conduct is necessary to address not only network members, but also any individual participant using the communication channels and attending related events.

We have a proposal to adopt a code of conduct inspired from the IFF CoC, which we found carefully written not to allow its use against the people it aims to protect.

Care Team

With the code of conduct also comes the requirement to create a Care team to handle related incidents. We have not defined yet how this team will work beyond what is stated in the code. If you’d like to be part of the Care team, nominate yourself in the linked topic.


Other topics were discussed and require further discussion:

These topics further advance the completion of the CPP.