"Rough consensus" for decision making


Continuing the discussion from Gathering to discuss values, governance, criteria and process.

On behalf of the current face-to-face meeting participants:

We want to have a discussion and sharing of points of view in the network on the idea of “Rough consensus” as a desirable form of decision making process. As part of of the librehoster CPP proposal we are making the following statement (not final, to be deliberated on and subject to change):

Decision making is carried out by the current members of the network. Librehosters are invited to participate in the collective decisions as much as possible, in a consensual manner. In case no consensus can be reached, we aim for rough consensus.

Please share your opinions and experiences, thanks!

References for review:

PS. I will post my point of view in a following post.

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Gathering to discuss values, governance, criteria and process

One key element is that supporting percentage is less important for determining “rough consensus” than ensuring opposing views are addressed.