Nominations for the care team

What is the care team?

Here is the initial idea of what we are proposing (from Monthly Meeting April 2019):

This is a space to create nominations for the care team. We propose to have network members nominate themselves here as candidates for this team which will be voted on.

The process of what the team will be responsible for and how it should work is to be decided.

I would be willing to serve on the Care Team.

EDIT: to include experience

With regards to experience as @agnez mentions below, I’ve been a member of various teams with UBports for over a year now. I started with the First Responders. They’re the people in the Welcome room that people are directed to when they first join the supergroup. We greet them, answer any questions they may have, assist with installation, and generally try to make their first experience with UBports an enjoyable one. From there, I joined the Writers team (blog posts, press releases, news channel announcements), the Marketing team (in charge of the website and social media), and finally the Community Steering Committee. As part of the CSC, I’m also a member of the UBports Foundation itself and have a level of authority above that of other community members so I have to be sure I act accordingly in public channels.

Among our other duties, we deal with . . . troublesome . . . users. In some cases, it’s simply a private message to say something like “that was an inappropriate thing to say, please apologise to them and don’t let it happen again.” In others, the situation may escalate to the point that the account is banned. Before it gets to that point, however, we all discuss it amongst ourselves and agree on what should happen.

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I would be willing to help with crafting documents and processes.

I would also like to serve on the Care team, but I would understand if other people prefer not to have me there at this point.

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I am interested to helping with the Care Team, and I think that @Amolith and @how would be suited for it too :slight_smile:

Before choosing who is going to be in the care team I think it would be good to define competences we would like to see there. And if there is lack of competences within the members, gathering ideas how to gain them.
It will be helpful to the future team tell them clearly what we expect from this, what is their role and what not (have seen once a comparable project going in the wrong direction because of lack of clarity).

Also, those who are interested in joining the team could maybe say a bit about if they have experiences in any way, or any specific reason or interest in the task. Those who are not candidates but have experiences are also welcome to share them here :wink:


Would you care to share what pitfalls you foresee that we can avoid?

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I’ve edited my post to include this.

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I’ll try to explain about the situation with the care team going in the wrong direction I mentioned above. It was not in an online community but with people working partly together in the same place and partly in other cities, but meeting IRL at least once a month.

A team of about 40 people. There where concerns about situation of stress and pressure, with aggressive language and threats. People did not know where they could address to so we decided to appoint the role of confidants. We asked for candidates and then voted for two.

Some moths later these two had had lot’s of visits of team members that asked to talk to them about various concerns. The two confidants felt that they had to do something about all the problems they heard about, so they put everything (anonymized of course) I a note they sent to all team members and the board. After that things went quite bad. There where accusations of bad handling towards the bard and within the team, a lot of mistrust started, based on half true information that where written in the published note.
There was a lot of effort needed the get things good again, but it took over three times longer it took to create all that mess.

The biggest problem we pointed out later for the confidants was, that they felt responsible to resolve the problems they heard about when people addressed them in their special role. They did not know better because expectations towards them where not clearly defined, and they where not trained to handle the information they got in confident talks.

That’s why I think it’s a good thing to define what we expect from the care team, and what actions they should eventually take or not.

One of the obvious tasks of a care team would be to act as an anonymizing proxy between people complaining and the people they consider abusive. This should be clearly defined so that a complaint can reach its destination without inflaming a conversation, and that the care team would not censor the plaintiff – which may happen if, for example, a member of the care team would find the tone abusive, without taking into consideration the pain the plaintiff is in (AKA don’t blame the victim). One good way to do that is to first address the destination without disclosing the original complaint, just saying that a problem was reported, and see whether the person is conscious of such a problem: usually a strong reaction is a sign of care needed, and sometimes the person won’t realize there was a problem in the first place; then as a second step, passing on the original message (anonymized) is good. Etc.

In no case the care team should become responsible for other people’s issues: they should mostly act as proxies, confidents and supportive listeners. IMO.