Proposal for monthly online meetings

I would like to propose a monthly online meeting of librehosters. Preferably using an existing communication method, so ideally on IRC/matrix.

My suggestion would be for a one hour meeting on a monthly basis to begin with, on a Sunday afternoon or evening on an IRC/matrix channel (maybe a new one #librehosters-meeting). We can also consider using a bot such as the one suggested by @decentral1se ( to gather outcomes and log meetings.

I think regular online meetings are important both for moving the process forward, and involving those who cant make it to the IRL meetings (although we also plan more of these). It also means there will be one point each month to evaluate new submissions together and discuss their applications if needed.

I would propose having the first online meeting on the Sunday afternoon/evening of the planned Brussels gathering on April 14th. We can continue monthly from then, and should agree the next meeting date and time at the end of the meeting.



Sounds like a very good idea!
It is a great way to keep up, share ideas and get to know the other projects and admins.

Personally, I can’t attend a meeting on the 14th. Wedding anniversary :wink:

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I think it’s a wonderful idea. On Sundays, evenings (in Europe) would be better for me as that’s afternoon-ish in EST. I’ve added the 14th to my calendar with a to-be-determined time!


I think it’s good to have regular online meetings. Here are some ideas for live meetings:

  1. Sunday might work as a ‘normal’ day, but it should be open to match best the announced presence of people. E.g., if we open here an #events topic with RSVP, better choose when the most people can participate to facilitate participation rather than a fixed schedule some might not be able to make regularly.
  2. Announce the events here with advanced schedule so that topics can be discussed in advance, so that some of them can be resolved before the actual meeting, leaving the problematic topics to live discussion.
  3. Avoid decision making at the live meeting since some people might not be present. Live meetings might be a good time for joint screen/tmux sessions on the server to share skills and advance collaborations and co-learning.
  4. Always keep minutes of the event and copy them in the relevant Discourse topic for future reference.
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Great. I am all for it and it’s been sitting here for a while now … can someone can create #librehosters-meeting and give a shot at enabling the Zodbot in preperation for the 14th? Can we get a ‘meetings’ category (or whatever) for this discourse? I can make a start on a thread for agendas and meeting minutes.

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Theres a on matrix and #librehosters-meeting on freenode irc that are bridged to each other. If someone could add a alias that would be great. I also added it to the community list of rooms.

I tried to invite zodbot but it didnt yet join the channel, @decentral1se would we need to run our own?

Monthly meetings would be good. But if it’s on Sundays I am not going to be there often. If we want a fix appointment (which is better that a poll every single time) I’d prefer a number, eg. every 7th day of a month, than a week day.

@agnez This is on the agenda to be discussed at the gathering. Personally i find it very hard to attend during the week as my evenings are full with other projects already.

based on discussions and timezone differences, 16:30 brussels time (14:30 UTC) on Sunday April 14th has been suggested as the first meeting time. Thoughts?

if this online meeting is supposed to be part of our work-meeting this week-end, it should not happen at the end.
I’d prefer something like:

  • IRL meeting comes up with proposals
  • then people can react to that at the online meeting
  • and finally the IRL meeting people finish the week-ends tasks including the online meetings outcome

The idea was not to be part of our work-meeting, it comes after we are done. The proposals and outcomes will be posted to be discussed at length over the coming weeks in discourse, i think its unproductive to do this in a one hour timeboxed meeting and then rework it as there is likely to be a lot fo discussion and also many people with opinions that wont join the meeting. It also fits our aim of using discourse for most discussion. Does that sound ok?

yes, let’s try it that way

Ive placed an agenda pad for tomorrows meeting at:

Goto this Pad

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