Introductions thread!



I am the one man band behind Nomagic, a limited company registered in the UK which hosts a number of free and non-free services (as in free beer), currently wrapping up its catalogue and infrastructure before starting to advertise (hopefully soon).

I host everything at Hetzner in Germany on a dedicated server running Proxmox and about 40 LXC containers, waiting for more users to get into clustering.
I am also a member of French chaton Alolise using a similar infrastructure.
Nomagic became a chaton last year and my main contribution so far was to help translating the manifesto and charters in English (with my loved one).

I am hoping that librehosters will help Nomagic visibility in the UK.

I am no developer, but I do raise issues and am eager to push in the right direction when I see an opportunity (like on flarum project, a promising alternative to Discourse that does not require docker and for which I managed to bring together 2 willing developers to get a first LDAP plugin up and running :joy: ).

Looking forward to be part of Librehoster and hopefully contribute in some way!