Introductions thread!


I am the one man band behind Nomagic, a limited company registered in the UK which hosts a number of free and non-free services (as in free beer), currently wrapping up its catalogue and infrastructure before starting to advertise (hopefully soon).

I host everything at Hetzner in Germany on a dedicated server running Proxmox and about 40 LXC containers, waiting for more users to get into clustering.
I am also a member of French chaton Alolise using a similar infrastructure.
Nomagic became a chaton last year and my main contribution so far was to help translating the manifesto and charters in English (with my loved one).

I am hoping that librehosters will help Nomagic visibility in the UK.

I am no developer, but I do raise issues and am eager to push in the right direction when I see an opportunity (like on flarum project, a promising alternative to Discourse that does not require docker and for which I managed to bring together 2 willing developers to get a first LDAP plugin up and running :joy: ).

Looking forward to be part of Librehoster and hopefully contribute in some way!


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I’m Jonah and I’m the admin at We provide a list of software recommendations to protect your privacy online, and recently we’ve started hosting a growing variety of services including Mastodon, Searx, WriteFreely, and PrivateBin with more to come.

We’ve gotten a couple requests to join Librehosters and recommend you all on our site so I figured I’d make our introduction here to get started!


Hi I’m caltlgin. I’m a big Linux fan, and have been using Linux since 2006 when I ditched Windows XP and moved to Ubuntu. Currently I use Linux Mint on my main computer and Debian on my laptop and SBC’s.

I run a small website on which I host a few FOSS services that I have made available for any one to use free of charge.

I started out hosting some services on Namecheap’s shared hosting plan with a domain name of Eventually I found the shared hosting to be very limited, hence I have moved to a VPS hosted by Time4VPS and a new awesome domain name provided by Gandi.

Over time I plan to add more services.


Hi, i’m Bruno member of the CA & tech team of Infini.

We are an associative hoster based in Brest, France since 1995 & historic member of CHATONS collective.

As said in our CHATONS page we provide services (hosting, sympa mailing list, nextcloud, etc) for our members and “outils libres” (free tools) for every one (pad, bin, date, pic, umap, etc). We have nearly 300 members who are individuals or (a lot of) associations.

We have a an employee that can help our members to make website and use our tools. She’s also animating projects with other actors in Brest, and helping people who comes to our PAPI (Point d’Accès Public à Internet).

One important thing i was missing is that our servers are based in Brest and hosted by ourself in a dedicated place.

Here is our MR for being listed in the directory :slight_smile:


I am @rialtate , a member of the Allied Social coop that runs

We would like to join under the name.

Zot Host is a service that provides turnkey managed hosting for Zot open source applications (Hubzilla and Zap for now, but we’ll consider adding any new ones that pop up!)

Similar services exist for other federated protocols, but until now, none existed for Zot. We hope to ease the friction inherent in trying out open source platforms for non-technical users or even for those who just can’t be arsed.

We offer pricing that is very competitive with DIY VPS so we hope to make it super easy and therefore spread Zot more.



I am @ceda_ei from Webionite. I am a student and have interest in programming and system administration. I host a few services ( for myself and anyone interested.


I’m f0x, and I used to run
Since then a few things changed, and was removed after this incident:

A few months ago I restarted under a different name, and I present to you: Pixie Town
Most services are the same, like Matrix, Mastodon, Gitea and Mumble. WriteFreely will be set up soon™
I have a co-admin now, mainly for Mastodon moderation but they’ll also get system access when I get to it. is ran out of my pocket, I receive some donations but they’re not mandatory and don’t cover the cost

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