pre-FOSDEM 19 gathering - 1 February in Brussels



Hi everyone. Next opportunity to meet IRL is going to be at FOSDEM, as many of you are planning to come to Brussels for that event.

I propose to take care of the organization, as I’m on the spot and my fellow fellow Brusselers @how and @natacha are probably quite busy with organizing the decentralized internet room that’s going to happen on Saturday.

We can probably meet at the space where I work (to be confirmed) which is close to midi station, from on 14:00.
As I understand so far people might not be able to arrive very early. It would be good to get an overview of who is planning to come and when you’ll arrive.
I’ll put a wiki-post here under for organization. If you are planning to attend, please add your name and arrival time when you know it. We can use the afternoon and/or the evening.

If you can’t come but would like to participate in a voip meeting you could also let us know here.
(voip might not be the thing we want for this meeting. we might discuss planning regular voip sessions)

We could add the meeting as a fosdem fringe event


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The librehosters network meeting is a FOSDEM 2019 fringe event and takes place on

:calendar: February 1st, 2019


:globe_with_meridians: Atelier d’Émile, Rue Émile Féron 106, Saint-Gilles

Who is going to be at the Brussels gathering February 1st? When?
Agnez - 14:00
hotzeplotz - arriving at Midi station by 12:30
Pierre - maybe Thursday evening
Jon - Midi 13:35
realitygaps - Midi ~15:35

What should we get done at this meeting?

  • governance
  • charta
  • FAQ