Fosdem presentation - 30min

Who’s up for that?
(I don’t have time a the moment :confused: but if needed, I can help prepare the presentation.)
I think we have enough diversity in the group to have 2 diverse speakers :wink:

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I can help prepare but im not sure I would like to be on a video stream. Also 30 mins may be too long given that there is only a single day in that room and many projects to showcase. @how maybe has more ideas of time possibilities.

A lightning talk in the larger lightning talks room may also be useful for our project.

Yes, it would be great to have a presentation! I can do some talking if noone is having time. I am just lurking a lot, so perhaps better for someone more active, but as you all want! There is also Round table decentralised room @Fosdem!


I find it a good idea and think we can have enough content for a large talk (30 minutes), but I don’t know how the FOSDEM dynamics are, so I trust the more experienced there to decide on the format.

I am available to prepare and present with someone.

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There’s the main track, lightning talks and devrooms.

The Decentralized Internet & Privacy Devroom CFP is still up. I am part of the devroom organization so I won’t propose anything, but I will be happy that someone takes the mike for Librehosters. Suggested talk length is 20 minutes and 10 minutes for questions.

As @decentral1se mentioned, the Round table decentralised room @Fosdem is also a good spot to share about governance and free software. I suppose it will be open to speakers…

In addition, it would be nice to have a lightning talk, e.g., to introduce and the updates from Friday meeting prior to FOSDEM that was mentioned in LibreHosters kickoff meeting.


@gandhiano would you like to be part of the roundtable also, I think both propositins are complementary.


I think a lightning talk would be fine but ok also in the

decentralized room. if the schedule is very full we could maybe
share a slot with chatons…

Yes, I agree they are complementary and would not mind taking part in the roundtable.


So far we have two proposals besides @natacha’s

  1. @a9i proposed talking about CloudMeUp
  2. Aleks (?) proposed talking about Librehosters

Can you both chime in and share your thoughts?

Both talks are pending in the Decentralized room. The selection process is under way:

Actually the talk citing CloudMeUp has been proposed by @hotzeplotz .

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Yup, the CloudMeUp proposal was submitted by myself. It was a very last minute decision and writeup as I only realised a couple of days earlier that the Decentralized room CFP was actually up and closing soon.

Depending on our progress on the CloudMeUp MVP in the coming weeks, the presentation could be more focused on the background research, or somewhat equally split between this and a demo. I’m actually slightly more keen to focus on background research and principles anyways if the proposal sounds interesting to reviewers and they are ok with this, as it feels more interesting than actual implementation (but I’m obviously biased as that’s my domain and I’m teaching a MA module on these and other topics next term :sweat_smile:).

Would you be open to sharing a slot with other people regarding Given the number of submissions we’re thinking of this possibility to drive speakers out of sales pitches and into a cooperative inquiry mode. That’s a potential for now. What do others think? @pierreozoux?

it could work, as long as each speaker can have enough time to present a coherent story… 10-15min?

I had not yet joined this thread before. Our proposal has been accepted by the steering commitee of the Decentralized Internet & Privacy devroom.

Thanks @pierreozoux, I hope you were neutral on this one :wink:

TL;DR: you made it :slight_smile: Please double check your description looks good

Dear Free Software enthusiast,

The steering committee who reviewed your proposal for the Decentralized Internet & Privacy devroom at FOSDEM 2019 is happy to announce your proposal was selected.

We are looking forward to listening to your talk and ready to answer any questions you may have. If you cannot attend for any reason, we would very much appreciate if you could let us know well in advance.

See you in BXL!

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There is a rough outline of the presentation now in

It uses the markup which helps render it as the presentation in

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I had this in my draft drawer for a while. Not sure why I didn’t take the time to finalize it. So it might be a bit messy and outdated.

The FOSDEM schedule for the Decentralized Internet & Privacy devroom is out, and this is good news for Librehosters: 2 proposals made it through!

  1. a presentation of Dark Peak Data Co-op, a hands-on, concrete experience of librehosting, by someone who is not here (Mat)?
  2. a general presentation about the Librehosters network proposed by a Jon (is it @jonathan?)

I wish both approaches can coordinate, and also with @hotzeplotz and @a9i and all the others who are interested in preparing and helping out to reflect a common narrative. This space is probably the best. I’m sorry that the Cloud Me Up proposal did not make it, but only 30% of the proposals were accepted, and I guess we can work something up collectively.

Yes, Jon is me, @yala! :wave:

I have come to draft this pad above with @realitygaps last week when quickly catching up in Berlin.

The three user / community stories were intended to be the main narratives for the presentation. Most other headlines were notes from the conversation around, and could be refactored into another writing space if too messy there.

I would like to outline one example for each: a user seeking data refuge, an autodidact admin of a group via yunohost et al., and one of the founding networks of the federated LibreHosters syndicate.

Now we’re left open with the choice and question of which stories to tell.

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I just had a look at your outline, @yala.

Can you expand on the overall idea behind it?


  • I’m not sure why you start with jz’s projects instead of some more from the hosting side that have been around for a long time (e.g., or Ecobytes or Autistici or RiseUp…)
  • I don’t get the “Bingo” part (more exactly, I don’t see why you would even mention the enemy on a slide.

I think the last two slides could move to the beginning since they look quite important:

  • governance was a hot topic at the first meeting
  • linking to social movements was also a core characteristic and motivation
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Goto this Pad


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