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Dear All,

I started petites singularités with @how in Brussels a couple years ago, and he just comes back from ams telling me all the good he thought about librehosters.

This year we have proposed with Zeyev to organise a roundtable about decentralised software community organisation, (we did this both to respond to their call for more diversity, and because we feel it is important to discuss these questions right now as we seem to be in a good dynamics) we still have to look for the intervenes before we know whether the project is accepted or not,we are currently calling out to a few people (most of them we know are already involved in the decentralised room)

It feels the librehost project is great and rolls well between people ideas communities, and even if it is still very young I think this initiative is very needed and I would really like one of you to participate to this round table… Would anyone be interested?



Thanks for dropping by @natacha. What you’re proposing sounds great and I think it would really help. And yes, even if things are brand new, we take inspiration from Framasoft/CHATONS and therefore there are many topics to fuel the discussion :slight_smile:

PS. There is also some FOSDEM related planning in Fosdem presentation - 30min.

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Yes I saw this post too, but I think the table and the presentation are complementary.

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@natacha’s roundtable has been accepted:

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Great to see, and am happy to be part of it! @natacha could you replace my nickname with my name on the description (Gualter Barbas Baptista), or add me on the list of speakers if that is possible? Did not find how I could register there.

Yes sorry about this, I did not know this description would be made public as is, it was only informative at the moment when I made it, we are right now working out the round table format with zeyev, if you do not mind I will ask to take of all names from there until we have everyone, and then add everyone all together.

I think it would be good if you register in the list of speakers, I will ask how you can do that now (since the deadline is overdue, but it should be possible).



In any case I can fix that, so if you have an account on @gandhiano, and need help, ping me.

Hi @how, I have no user on pentabarf, which is the reason why I’m blocked. Is there a way to register?

Try this

That worked. I guess you or the session owner need to associate me now. Same handle as here :wink:

@how I’m still unclear how to proceed here. Could you help?

@natacha I still could not get into the list of speakers. Furthermore, I wanted to ask, if we talk at some point with all the involved to prepare the roundtable?

@gandhiano please excuse me for the time delay and indecisions, things are a little complex to organise, what seems to be happening is: they are 3 moments in the decentralised room 1 presentation for librehosters proposed by @yala Fosdem presentation - 30min the discussion there seems a bit stuck

Another presentation is the activity pub roundtable that also has a preliminary discussion on the enough community forum we did not send you invite to this because I do not know that you are implementing activity pub, or have any concern about it, if I am wrong on this please tell me will correct immediately.

Third presentation is the introduction we are doing with zeyev about community organisation, where I invited you, but the orientation of this is going really towards issues about activity pub and so it makes really less sense to have someone from librehosters there.

How about you joining the librehosters presentation, would this make more sense?

Hi @natacha, that’s a pity. I’m in fact not directly involved in activity pub. In my reading the roundtable included much more besides a protocol or the technical aspects of federation - rather I interpreted it as a debate on multiple perspectives on addressing organizational issues related to developing and promoting decentralized software. I was therefore preparing to bring a broader approach to organisational processes from my experience working on different projects with decentralized teams, as well as the genesis and challenges of the librehosters network.

I guess a part of it can be contributed to @yala session. Nevertheless, I’m not sure if it makes sense to actively join the presentation, as we would then have 2 Ecobytes members presenting Librehosters in that session, which may be seen as a strong imbalance.

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Yes I also think thats a pity because I know your experience.
2 things here

  • the first part of the presentation that we do zeyev and myself from a feminist perspective I would really like to keep as it is because, I feel its a unique oportunity for womens voice in Fosdem and we should hold on to our space.
  • Second part activity pub roundtable, seems to organise very slowly, not much discussion, nothing certain, I can keep u updated about this in the coming days, because maybe we have to reconfigure initial proposal. But I do not know if you plan to come anyways, or how much advance notification you need… very sorry about this again, but if you come we have space for you at home.

@yala heard u were looking for place to stay we hold open house during fosdem, there is a matress available if u bring a sleeping bag.


Yes, thanks for the place! I saw you also asked about doing moderation in some other thread, will reply separately.

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